Mei 2010


ActiZ, national organisation of care providers and Aedes-Actiz Kenniscentrum Wonen-Zorg, the knowledge centre for housing and care, both in The Netherlands, are organizing a national conference at the 18th of June 2010. During the conference the book ‘The discovery travel’ will be launched. The book gives an overview of 25 years of intercultural care in the Netherlands. It contains interviews with pioneers, like Jan Booij and Harry Mertens (Movisie) and Kristel Logghe (Multivation). Furthermore there is a column of Harry Moeskops (Osira Groep) and descriptions of innovative projects in the Netherlands. Conference participants get the opportunity to visit four of the sixteen projects that are described in the book. Jan Booij (JBA) will give a presentation. The book is in Dutch, but perhaps we will translate it in English…. 

Projectleaders are Rohina Raghoebier and Yvonne Witter.  


Click here  for the book!