China is developing at surprising speed in many areas particularly in the healthcare of their aging population. JAN BOOIJ ADVIES, through many years of experience in China, has built good and valuable relationships with Chinese contacts and Chinese organisations actively dealing with the care of Chinese elderly. Over time, reciprocal relationships have developed in which organisations have learned from each other.

The contacts are mostly located in the province of Jiangsu, around the city of Suzhou, which is one of China's most developed cities. Suzhou has about six million inhabitants and is 100 km west of Shanghai.
Mutual cooperation among organisations helped develop expertise in the following:
• Management development and leadership training
• Care for sufferers of dementia
• Concepts of care and the building of care institutions
• Healing environments
Advice is given on the following essential areas:
• On-the-job training
• Coaching
• Innovative exchange of ideas
• The preparation of lectures and presentations
Working with Chinese organisations requires vision and patience to reap a fruitful endeavor.  Mutual trust is a basic requirement only achieved over time.  Cementing cooperation and ensuring successful negotiations require a good understanding of Chinese culture and way of life. Special skills and perseverance are important to maintain these contacts from the Netherlands.  
It is essential that all parties involved understand the importance of the future development of the intercultural relationships.  Both cultures have their own perspective on how this can be achieved.
JAN BOOIJ ADVIES can assist you. A team of consultants, highly experienced in the field of care in China, are now available to be of service to you.